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  1. Rosendale refusing to speak to Trump as Greene tries to insist.
  2. The Democratic Alphabet!
  3. I hope everyone realizes that the anti-McCarthy Republicans—now on the fringe of the party—will be considered the Establishment a few years from now and will have even crazier Republicans revolting ag
  4. Skipped dessert tonight and just ate this instead
  5. As Post becomes a go-to hub for news & analysis, #PostReads spotlights ten pertinent articles on the platform every day. Kevin McCarthy falls short on first three votes for speaker in historic defeat Lo
  6. This is white phosphorous, dropped from Russian cluster munitions onto residential areas of Kherson, Ukraine. It’s an incendiary substance that literally burns through anything it lands upon. Once again
  7. That’s a lot of wins.
  8. Ambition #photography
  9. Trump's lawyer telling Cassidy Hutchinson: ״ Maggie's friendly to us. We'll be fine״ , is really a terrible terrible look for both Maggie Haberman and The NYT. Just awful. But it's reassuring to know th
  10. Black holes do not suck everything into them like a vacuum. It’s more like a Cookie Monster, shooting debris into all different directions. And this doesn’t happen unless it crosses the event horizon.
  11. Sean Hannity was apparently willing to promote Donald Trump’s bogus election fraud claims on his Fox News show but unwilling to defend them while under oath
  12. As Taliban rule crushes female students’ hopes of education, male allies walk out of class.
  13. Ladies & Gentleman
  14. Chicago peeps will be grilling in shorts.
  15. Someday I want to be able to deduct $1 million in green fees…
  16. House committee approves release of Trump tax returns
  17. Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said the January 6 committee will charge four House Republicans out of the five who defied their subpoenas and refer them to the Ethics Committee in the House. They're not cri

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