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Hello, I am retired Grandmother of 3 children and 7 Grandchildren. I Love to make crafts, have fun and enjoy good company.

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  1. Hello Everyone, I will start by introducing myself to you. My name is Donna and I have been pondering telling my story. Who am I…no one. Although to some I am Mom, mom mom Donna, Donna, puddin. You see it all Started 62 years and 8 months or so ago. I was born to Mr. Francis Micha
  2. Me local yocal weather predictions!

    Good Morning everyone! Aren’t you tired of bad weather predictions? Well.. welcome to my weather predictions for my neighborhood. Morning rain / changing to snow for a very short time. Cloudy, partly sunny and brisk! I’ll let ya know later what’s up for the evening! Lol 😂

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