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Moira Dedrick, orginally from a small village in Quebec, Canada, now resides in Toronto, where she attended university at U of T, and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Moira has studied life drawing, painting and portraiture at Studio Escalier in their studios in Paris and Argenton Les Vallee, France with Timothy Stotz and Michelle Tully. Prior to that she studied portraiture and landscape painting with Greg Hindle OCAD and landscape with John Joy in Canada. More recently she has studied animal portraiture with Jennifer Gennari. Her artwork has been exhibited in solo, local and national shows and her paintings hang in private collections and Inns in Ontario, Quebec, New York and the Turks and Caicos Islands. She is a member of the Portrait Society of Canada and the Portrait Society of America.

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  1. Portrait of Chris Dedrick

    I just read Yeats’ poem “When You are Old” on @leelaster ’s feed. It is a poignant poem and one my late husband Chris Dedrick sent to me once and reading it brings him here
  2. Enjoying discovering all these new animal lovers on Post! Please enjoy Blue, a Dalmatian/Boxer cross with one blue and one brown eye, in an oil painting of him I did for my sister Laura. #dogsofpost #dogportrait
  3. South Caicos Sunsets

    Six South Caicos sunset studies. The ever changing beauty of light on water. #southcaicos #turksandcaicos #sailrockliving # plein air #oilonpanel #landscapepainting
  4. South Caicos Landscape

    So far I’m liking the feeling here on Post. Noam Bardin in his post today says diverse views and experiences are key to Post’s success. Here is a glimpse into one of my views painted in the Turks and

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