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  1. This
  2. Kyrsten Sinema crashes and burns
  3. Score one for Merrick Garland
  4. Donald Trump’s downfall is finally imminent
  5. When will this change.
  6. Karma. Karma. Karma. #SpeakerVote
  7. Priceless. #SpeakerVote
  8. I haven't laughed this much in a while. Not gonna lie, it feels good. 😆
  9. Lindsey Graham, threatening us with a good time again, lol! #statehood4dc #statehood4puertorico #HakeemJeffries4Speaker
  10. Want to read the January 6 committee report and transcripts, but feeling a little overwhelmed? Start here.
  11. we need a few GOP defectors to vote for Jeffries
  12. As Post becomes a go-to hub for news & analysis, #PostReads spotlights ten pertinent articles on the platform every day. Kevin McCarthy falls short on first three votes for speaker in historic defeat Lo
  13. need your help, new york city and long island. Denise Samantha Primus has been missing for a week. she has difficulty communicating and is mentally challenged. her family and friends are praying for h
  14. A nervous-looking George Santos faced a rough first day in Congress today, dodging inquisitive reporters in the hallway outside his office and being called a liar by one of his colleagues on the House
  15. George Santos isn’t having any fun on his first day in Congress. None of the other kids want to play with him.
  16. This. Is. Hilarious. 🤣🤣🤣

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