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Queer leftist politico, mutual aider, antifascist, that bitch

Reno, NV

Pronouns in bio: she/her aka @LeonaThotsky on Twitter. I’m a freelance writer, researcher, survivor, and antifascist based in Northern Nevada. I’m also a mom to twin four-year-olds, a sometimes comedian, and am lucky to be married to the fastest shitposter in the west. My partner and I co-founded a large mutual aid network and delight in being a general thorn in the side of those seeking to do harm. Follow me for jokes, cat pics, and hot takes on the crises inherent in late capitalism and imperialism, police brutality, right-wing extremism, trauma survival, addiction, PTSD, and ADHD. You know, light fare.

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  1. “I never claimed to be Jewish,” Santos said. “I said I was ‘Jew-ish.’” George Santos, GOP congressman-elect and admitted liar, in a new interview posted tonight. I mean. It’s giving George Costanza vib
  2. The journalism world is going mad.
  3. Tonight’s thoughts/cPTSD reflections

    Ketamine 105mg again tonight. I think this is a good dose. I have to see my ex tomorrow so I’m spending the evening purposefully trying to trigger my anxiety because I want it to be under control tomo
  4. "My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud." — Henry Rollins
  5. Pt. 2 of why it’s dangerous to say “narcissist” when we mean “abuser”

    On November 26, I wrote a Post and a Twitter thread on using “narcissist” in place of “abuser,” and why we’re talking about two very distinct things. Later that night, a VBNMW [Vote Blue No Matter Who]
  6. It’s dangerous to write off all abusers as narcissists and all narcissists as abusers.

    Lundy Bancroft explores this well in his posts on the subject. He also wrote the brilliant book Why Does He Do That? — which I credit in part to me leaving. I can’t recommend it highly enough. His disse
  7. “Do not politicize this tragedy? The tragedy is that you made our very existence political. And if you want to own our lives, you must own our deaths too.” — David Mack From:
  8. Open source researchers are constantly exposed to graphic, distressing content, some of which can have severe negative impacts on their mental health. An article with suggestions on how to minimise exp
  9. It’s time for my annual Thanksgiving post featuring one of the greatest moments in TV history! May your turkey or tofurky dinner make it safely to your plate.
  10. Hey, I just met you And this is crazy Here’s a cat pic Follow me maybe
  11. My son came out into the kitchen roaring after he and his sister were told to pick up their toys. Theo: “I’m a t-rex!” Me: “Cool, you need to be a t-rex that picks up toys though.” Theo: “I can’t, I have
  12. Helpful info:
  13. Shake the hand of your deepest fear

    I recently started daily microdosing of ketamine as treatment for medication/treatment resistant depression, anxiety, and cPTSD. I have an Rx for it and I’m still wrapping my head around that a little
  14. As is tradition… The scene at my home right now — peeling taters and watching MST3k
  15. Hello world.

    Flashback to those hazy first joining Twitter days when I knew hardly anyone. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing on here just yet. I do know that one day, should this site succeed, we will all cringe at

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