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Great Lakes Mermaid

Mostly retired book compositor. Feminist. Lots of sports posts: ⚾️, 🥌, 🎾. Books, cats and dogs, sunrises, Michigan. Socialist royalist like my mum. Daughter of 🇬🇧 and 🇺🇸. I was BrooklynPeach on the bird site. 

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  1. #HappyChristmas , #HappyHolidays , #JoyousNoel ! Here’s to a lovely day filled with good things. #WhiteChristmas #Michigan
  2. How beautiful
  3. A reader outside of the US messaged me and asked me to explain the Right’s incessant attacks on Dr. Anthony Fauci. From his vantage point some thousands of miles away, he couldn’t understand exactly wh
  4. Interesting and thought provoking. I would add, because the other person couldn't possibly be at fault for anything, the blame must be passed onto someone. Enter Dr. Fauci...
  5. Sir Murray the #OES posing awkwardly but good-naturedly with his reindeer antlers. #DogsofMastodon #OldEnglishSheepdogs
  6. A lovely #thanksgiving #sunrise in Michigan. Go Lions! #OnePride
  7. We made it; it’s a new day!
  8. Sunrise Number One

    I started posting daily sunrise pics on TFS about a month ago, and it’s a tradition I plan to continue. So here’s the first! Looking across our country road to the hills and fields. A beautiful mornin

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