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I Love the World, the environment, animals and plants. I love all the Sciences. And I play World of Warcraft.

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  1. Abandoned by the Democrats

    The chants of death to America, death to Israel in America. If anyone didn't realize we have a problem, you should know it now. Biden pandering to Rashida Taib and the Muslim Crowd has created more trump voters than Trump has. Biden was so frightened of losing the Islamic Vote h
  2. Yes, your news IS Hamas Propaganda.

    Truth comes out. The people our "News" uses for reporting from inside GAZA/Palestine are being identified. As many have said they work for HAMAS. These are 2 of the Unbiased people feeding information to the News outlets. They have Anti-Israel pro Palestine posts going back year
  3. The News is repeating Hamas propaganda.

    Has ANY News source checked the validity of what they are reporting from Palestine? Do their Reporters go into GAZA and check the validity of what they are told by the HAMAS Gov official? There are independent people on Reddit and other Web pages from people who say they are in G
  4. Are Muslim Americans joining the GOP?

    I am watching what is happening in the Democrat Party. They enticed Arab Americans to join their party. They are shocked that Islam does not support Gay rights. They are joining GOP to Ban Books. They have removed Pride Flags. Dems are shocked that they are Anti-Gay Rights. I thi
  5. When is it enough!

    When the US was attacked, we hit back hard. This weekend 4 from an Islamic Terror cell were arrested in Sweden, they are looking for the rest of the group. And 3 Palestinians were arrested in Italy. We have been shocked at the Random Islamic Terror attacks across the world. Ran
  6. Smile

    I am exhausted by the crazy, not only in America but around the globe. I have my thoughts on why and how it happened. I feel really bad for everyone when I think how it will end. Until then here is Jack and Jill. I hope they make you smile. I removed the sock drawer to sort. Had
  7. Windmills-Vs-Nuclear power

    Which do you want near you? A nuclear Plant or a Windfarm. The Republicans have really lost their minds. Byron Donalds actually saying a Nuclear Plant is safer than a Windmill farm. I guess he never learned about Chernobyl, Fukushima and of course Americas own 3-mile Island. #T
  8. Elon Musk

    Does Elon hate this because the movie is about a woman? Or a Black Person? Racism is alive and well on Twitter. #ElonMusk #Twitter #Racism #Disney
  9. OMG! Trump wants to meet me!

    Omg! OMG! Trump wants to meet me. He must have heard about all the nice things I have said about him. OMG! What should I wear? I need to get my hair done. Maybe some Botox. So Excited! #Trump #Politics #Election #Biden #USPolitics #NikkiHaley #Humor
  10. Is it News or Gossip Mongering?

    I have become really disillusioned with our News Services. I depend on them to know what is going on. But I have become disappointed and a bit angry with ABC, CBS, NBC. They are no longer News they have become Gossip Mongers. They build and stretch a story. They take a mention of
  11. Fox News Incites Rage and Hate

    Anyone who doesn't think Fox looks for stories they can use to incite HATE and RAGE in Conservatives this story if for you. If go to FB and look at the comments, you see NO ONE actually reads, all they seen was ILLEGAL and VOTE. FOX has them saying that Maryland is now letting ON
  12. Poisoning the Blood

    Do Republicans actually realize what Trump was proposing when he said "Poisoning the Blood"? And they are defending him saying that. The Nazi's, KKK and White Nationalists say this. They mean Mixing Races. They are against Mixed Race Marriages. Poison Blood does go with Make Amer
  13. Republicans have slowly been indoctrinating their party into accepting Nazism for nearly a decade. They have been using Hitler's book as a guide. Slowly following what Hitler did to enable the German people to do what they did. Trump using Words taken from Hitler is not the first
  14. What has happened to the GOP?

    What has happened to America and the Republican Party? Has anyone really been paying attention to the people running for Government Office this Election? Two examples of who is running on the GOP ticket. These people are frightening and not one person in the Republican National
  15. Boebert changing District, not residence.

    Republicans no longer care if their Politician lives in their District or even the same State. Look at Tommy Tuberville. He doesn't actually live in Alabama, he is using a relatives address, he owns a home in Florida. Now Boebert is going to try to run in another District because
  16. Do you believe HAMAS?

    The News and Politicians are accepting the word of HAMAS Officials on the number of casualties. HAMAS control the Health Officials, the Media EVERYTHING in GAZA. But you believe what they say with no proof. They say this is how many died, and everyone believes them. I am actuall
  17. Pure Blood

    A few Conservative Republicans have been using the Term Pure Blood for a few years. White Nationalists have called themselves Pure Bloods for decades. Does anyone doubt Trump is a White nationalist anymore? How many Republicans are surprised to find out they are White Nationalist
  18. The Weaponization of Social Media

    I have noticed a few people on Social media mentioned that Xi, Putin and Iran are waging the Social Media Campaign against Israel. They had meetings before the Oct7th attack, and since. But none of the News Media has looked into it. When you look at Social Media it is Obvious tha
  19. Trump's Payback

    Trump hates Zelensky because he stood up to him and would not bend knee. Republicans are willing to let Ukrainian people die to appease Trump's bruised ego. What does that say about America? #Ukraine #Russia #Politics #DonaldTrump Putin Gloating in Public After Republican
  20. Mike Lee and the Fake Electors.

    Some are wondering if this is why Mike Lee is trying to stop all January 6th investigations and is telling his co-conspirators " do not comply "! Utah Sen. Mike Lee took campaign donations from fake electors in Arizona ( #Republicans #politics #MikeLee #

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