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  1. Marine corporal gets medal for saving drowning teen while on leave

    By Irene Loewenson A Marine corporal was surprised with a medal in January for having jumped into a river months earlier to save a teenager’s life. Cpl. Jacob Cogswell, 23, received the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal during a battalion formation in Okinawa, Japan, on Jan.
  2. February Red Sea recap: A busy month for Navy against Houthi attacks

    By Jonathan Lehrfeld The Navy endured a hectic month of engagements with Iran-backed Houthi militants in the Middle East, defending against a steady stream of nearly daily attacks, including what officials said was the first observed use of an underwater attack drone by the Yemen-
  3. More VA health care, GI Bill eligiblity could keep vets out of jail

    By Leo Shane III A pair of former defense secretaries are backing plans to enroll all separating servicemembers in Veterans Affairs health care and extend veterans education benefits to troops with other than honorable discharges in an effort to curb homelessness and incarceration
  4. Continuing resolution would slow military modernization, services warn

    By Megan Eckstein, Jen Judson UPDATE — This story has been updated to reflect the accurate total funding spent on Southwest border operations. The Army under secretary provided an incomplete total in Tuesday’s briefing and later corrected the record. The U.S. military may run out o
  5. Meet the Navy’s first robotics warfare specialist

    By Diana Correll The Navy pinned the service’s very first robotics warfare specialist on Tuesday – less than a week after the service unveiled the new rating. Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Rick Cheeseman and the Navy’s Personnel Plans and Policy Division Director Rear Adm. Jim
  6. Air Force reorg must happen fast and needs funding, chief says

    By Stephen Losey The Air Force wants to start putting in place key parts of its sweeping reorganization as soon as possible so it can better plan for its future needs, the service’s chief of staff said Wednesday. But budget uncertainties and a possible 1% cut to funding levels coul
  7. GI Bill rule change could upend requirements for online-only classes

    By Leo Shane III Veterans advocates are raising alarms about a behind-the-scenes GI Bill rule change that could allow students to use up their tuition stipends on non-degree programs , potentially wasting their military education benefits. Veterans Affairs officials say the move is
  8. Personnel files show Maine reservist who killed 18 had glowing reviews

    By David Sharp, The Associated Press PORTLAND, Maine — An Army reservist responsible for the deadliest shooting in Maine history received a glowing review from his superiors even as some of his family members were growing increasingly worried about his mental health. The annual eva
  9. Military prepares to brief a plan to get its V-22 Ospreys flying again

    By Tara Copp and Lolita C. Baldor, The Associated Press The military services will take a key step toward getting the V-22 Osprey fleet back in the air as they lay out their plans Friday to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin for addressing safety concerns stemming from a fatal crash i
  10. Marine F-35C used for Top Gun training takes a nosedive while parked

    By Irene Loewenson A Marine fighter jet that was being used for Top Gun training took a nosedive in January while parked at a Nevada Navy installation. An F-35C Lighting II assigned to 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing’s Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 311 “experienced an incident involving
  11. Army units must trim command posts, add drones to survive

    By Todd South WASHINGTON, D.C. ― Fighting in Ukraine and Gaza has taught Army leaders that units must shrink their battlefield headquarters to survive, and work drone and counter drone tactics at every level. Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth and Chief of Staff of the Army Ge
  12. Engine fire forces B-52 bomber to make emergency landing at Minot AFB

    By Courtney Mabeus-Brown A single-engine fire forced a B-52H Stratofortress bomber to make an emergency landing at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, early Feb. 23, the service confirmed Tuesday. No airmen were injured in the incident, which occurred shortly before 1 a.m. local t
  13. 4 charged with transporting Iranian-made weapons appear in US court

    By Denise Lavoie, The Associated Press RICHMOND, Va. — Four crew members from an unflagged ship that U.S. officials say was carrying Iranian-made missile components to Houthi rebels in Yemen are scheduled to appear Tuesday in federal court in Virginia, where prosecutors are expect
  14. Here are the winners and losers in US Army’s force structure change

    By Jen Judson The U.S. Army has unveiled a whitepaper detailing how the service plans to shrink the force in some places and grow it in other areas . The document’s release on Tuesday comes as the Army continues transitioning from counterinsurgency missions to large-scale combat ope
  15. Mental health outreach efforts need more focus on women vets: report

    By Leo Shane III Federal officials too often overlook the specific mental health needs of women veterans when crafting mental health programs, leaving worrisome gaps in available resources, researchers from Disabled American Veterans argued in a new report released Tuesday. They sa
  16. This vet-founded nonprofit is ‘fishing’ for healing

    By Dave Lubach Healing from the scars of war can come in many forms. Some veterans have found peace through music or golf – and some, like Air Force veteran Jim Dolan, found it through kayak fishing. Dolan, a giant of a man in stature with an even bigger heart, was a major in the A
  17. National Guard orders aviation safety pause after Apache crashes

    By Davis Winkie The Army National Guard’s top officer ordered a component-wide pause on flight missions Monday after a pair of AH-64D Apache helicopter crashes this month, according to a release. Units across the Guard’s 54 states and territories will “review safety policies and pr
  18. Army to slash thousands of jobs in major revamp for future wars

    By Lolita Baldor The U.S. Army is slashing the size of its force by about 24,000, or almost 5%, and restructuring to be better able to fight the next major war, as the service struggles with recruiting shortfalls that made it impossible to bring in enough soldiers to fill all the
  19. 8,000+ soldiers tested in large-scale combat in the Arctic

    By Todd South More than 8,000 soldiers in Alaska recently concluded a large-scale exercise that included a 150-mile helicopter deep strike, flying a rocket launcher 500 miles to operate above the Arctic Circle and snowmobile hunter-killer teams armed with shoulder-fired rockets. Ma
  20. USS Carl Vinson returns home after four-month deployment

    By Geoff Ziezulewicz The aircraft carrier Carl Vinson returned to its home port in San Diego Friday following a four-month deployment. Carl Vinson left San Diego on Oct. 12 and was accompanied on the cruise by the cruiser Princeton and the destroyer Sterett, which also returned hom

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