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  1. Gun deaths are far less common in the NYC area than the U.S. overall. @politico In reality, the region the Big Apple comprises most of is far and away the safest part of the U.S. mainland when it comes to gun violence, while the regions Florida and Tex
  2. Average list price for a unit of insulin: Australia: $6.94 UK: $7.52 France: $9.08 Germany: $11 Canada: $12 Japan: $14.40 US: $98.70 Isn't it time America hold Big Pharma accountable for its extortion?
  3. Looks like someone broke twitter again...
  4. By: Krutika Pathi Days after India blocked a BBC documentary that examines Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s role during 2002 anti-Muslim riots and banned people from sharing it online, authorities are sc
  5. They've wanted to get their hand on Social Security for a long time.
  6. Remember - it only takes one!
  7. Turns out, Republicans CAN win an election, if they rerun it 15 times. Kevin McCarthy is Speaker. Good night, America.
  8. Hmmm...
  9. I’ve just started a task I’ll likely be working on at Proof ( link ) for all of 2023: providing the most comprehensive analysis of January 6 witness transcripts of any media outlet in the United States.
  10. Kevin McCarthy is expected to put Marjorie Taylor Greene on the Oversight Committee, which is tasked with “accountability” and “ensuring government efficiency.” I’m assuming this means he’s going to pu
  11. BREAKING: the Republican DA of Nassau County has opened an investigation into Congressman-elect George Santos. Santos must not be seated.
  12. Oh dear... :)
  13. Now that Jan 6 is officially a seditious conspiracy, we can hold people accountable for sedition if they were involved. It's time to do that!

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