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National NBA and basketball business reporter at The Athletic. Co-founder of The -30- Newsletter. Daily Targum and WRSU alum.

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  1. A better way to evaluate NBA contracts

    Stop looking just at how much an NBA contract is worth. There's another way to judge it. NBA smarts – team execs, agents, cap experts – are already doing it. It's time for everyone else to do it, too. As NBA money keeps rising, look at deals as % of the cap.
  2. The 2023 Nuggets: — tied for 9th-best playoffs win% of any NBA champion in last 40 years — tied 2nd-best playoffs win% since NBA went best-of-7 1st round in 2003 Among NBA champions since 1983-84: — 11th-highest average playoffs margin of victory — 2nd-highest offensive rating
  3. Which NBA teams are best positioned to trade for a star?

    Which team is best positioned to trade for an NBA star when the next one hits the market? Fred Katz, James L. Edwards III, and I drafted the teams we think can make most attractive potential offer for a star player. A few surprises up high, I think.
  4. This is an unique NBA Finals. Nuggets-Heat is the first time in 33 years that a Finals matchup doesn't have someone who made 1st team All-NBA. Last time that happened was the 1990 Finals between the Pistons and Trail Blazers. Joe Dumars and Clyde Drexler each made 3rd team in '90
  5. It's been a very successful 464 days for the Kroenke Sports empire. The LA Rams won the Super Bowl in Feb. 2022. The Colorado Avalance won a Stanley Cup in June 2022. Denver Nuggets are going to the NBA Finals. And Arsenal made a run at the EPL title before falling into 2nd.
  6. The NBA on TNT?

    Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav said yesterday at an investor conference that the "NBA is doing very well for us. We just got to be careful not to be silly." Zaslav is "hopeful" about a new TV deal, but says "It'll probably look a little different." I reported earlier this
  7. Earlier NBA start times are better late than never

    Wrote about the big NBA playoffs story everyone is talking about right now: earlier NBA Finals start times. A victory for the early risers, East Coast viewers, and washed parents everywhere.
  8. The unwritten rules of the NBA's shoe game

    “How are you supposed to talk s— to somebody when you got their shoe on?” Can you wear your opponent’s shoes on an NBA court? The unwritten rules are changing. The old flamekeepers can't fight it anymore. “Guys are a lot friendlier nowadays, a lot nicer."
  9. Adam Silver, at SBJ World Congress of Sports, says NBA's incoming in-season tournament will "look different" visually. "The players will be wearing different uniforms," he said. "Maybe the court will look different. You’ll know that it’s not just a regular season game."
  10. The NBA draft lottery's lucky number

    In the four years of the new NBA draft lottery odds, 7 teams have jumped into a top-4 pick with odds that were 7th or worse. It has happened at least once each year. Having 7th-worst record has been lottery magic. 2019: Pelicans 7->1 2020: Bulls 7->4 2021: Raptors 7->4 2022: Kings 7->
  11. The NBA had six players average 30 or more PPG this season. Just a completely historically large number. — That's as many 30+ ppg scoring seasons as the NBA had in the '90s — The NBA only had 6 different players average 30+ during from 1989-90 through 2007-08.
  12. NBA CBA questions: Will games played requirement work? How will free agency change? And more.

    Wrote about the new CBA deal and some takeaways from it (with graphs): — The full new games played rules for postseason awards and how that could work — Historical track record of NBA big spenders — NBA player wealth building and investments into NBA + WNBA teams
  13. Wrote about Joel Embiid, the mid-range killer
  14. There's a lot that's unbelievable about Joel Embiid but his dominance in the mid-range killer is high up there for the 76ers star. The NBA leaders in FG% from 14-23 feet (min. 150 shots) this season: 1) Durant (57.7%) 2) Embiid (52.3%) 3) Kawhi (50.2%)
  15. It ain't 50 but it's still the first time in Knicks history that they had two different players score 48 or more points in the same season. Jalen Brunson just scored 48 against the Cavaliers and Julius Randle dropped 57 11 days ago.
  16. This is the most prolific NBA season ever for high scoring games by an individual player. The 2022-23 season has: — The most games of 40+ points by a player: 188 (46 more than runner-up 1961-62) — Most games of 30+ pts: 1061 — Most games of 20+ pts: 4032 — 3rd most games of 50+ :
  17. Each year a small group of the NBA's biggest cap wonks get together in New Orleans for what's become a gathering of what one attendee called the league’s “shadow figures”. The Tulane Pro Basketball Negotiation Competition is an event for law students, but it's much more. On “the s
  18. A.I. on the NBA

    Talked to A.I. about the NBA, who should be the MVP, load management, the GOAT, who they'd pick to take the last shot with the game on the line, and the real A.I. **Subscribe for $1/month for 12 months inside**
  19. Catching up with Sabrina Ionescu

    Talked to Sabrina Ionescu about why she's not leaning into the 'super team' label for the Liberty (even if the WNBA is), her new Nike shoe and her favorite design, and her public blitz as a marketable star. Subscribe for $1/month for 12 months inside
  20. Julius Randle's 52 (and counting) is the 23rd time a player has scored 50+ this season — tied for 3rd-most in any NBA season ever. We see you out there, 2019-20.

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