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Working the businesses of videogames and acting from LA.

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  1. It just keeps getting worse and worse.
  2. yikes...
  3. 🌞🌅
  4. Worse than I imagined it would get…not paying rent? So much damage in so little time.
  5. Trust? Safety? Not for Twitter.

    Frustrating/awful but not surprising. Honestly, twitter has become that server in Mythic Quest where all the trolls and racists are cordoned off. I have uninstalled twitter on my phone and haven't che
  6. Thought this was interesting…
  7. It's just too much to take on twitter right now. Gonna force myself to take a break from all of it.
  8. Exhausting
  9. I re-read this piece every now and then.
  10. Our grandfathers died on the beaches of Normandy as heroes, only to be completely forgotten by cowards who propel a Nazi narrative back into our workplaces. Speak up. Stand up. Do something.
  11. If you’re in NYC during the holidays & want a theater recommendation, see the brilliant Leopoldstadt.
  12. I admit, this made me laugh and chuckle quite a bit.
  13. Took awhile for this to register. While you wait for the capability to see who liked your posts, that also means your likes are completely anonymous to the creators you’re trying to appreciate. So if
  14. I think these should be the official rules of Post. Brilliant.
  15. I joined twitter in 2007. This feels a teensy bit like then.
  16. At this time the Post team is hard at work squashing bugs and releasing amazing new features every day. Post is being built in front of our very own eyes as we Read , Tip, Follow, Like, Comment, Share,
  17. Some shots of Carmel for you. Hope you have a nice weekend ahead
  18. Because we all need some trees and fall leaves right now. #SonomaLife

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