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Reporter, The San Francisco Standard. Posits on SF, CA politics & policy with no authority whatsoever. Snark Alert. RTs ≠ endorsements twtr: @mikeege

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  1. It took a village, but Mayor London Breed and the supervisors came to an accord on the budget that everyone can live with
  2. 'Taiwan, the self-ruled island that China claims as its territory, has spent an unprecedented amount of money to acquire a building in SoMa that will be the new home of its local diplomatic facility, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office'
  3. 'Compared with Peskin’s introduction later in the meeting of major reforms of the city’s inclusionary affordable housing rules and fees, which he is co-sponsoring with Mayor London Breed, the appeal votes reflect continued ambivalence over the city’s new development landscape'
  4. 'Barely an hour after Twitter's owner and former CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the service was temporarily implementing restrictions on the number of tweets users could view, a small disruption to the social-media giant's service mushroomed into a more massive outage'
  5. SF's Political Winners and Losers in a Brutal Election Year London Breed and Dean Preston lead a list of survivors and dust-biters in one hell of a year
  6. SF Supervisors Close It Out For 2022

    The Board did come together on other topics, including the fate of the Elections Director and saving a family shelter. A new bill addressing “resignationgate” was also introduced.
  7. Either way, I'd buy that for a dollar!

    The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has approved rules which allow deadly force by robots. But only if through inaction, human beings come to harm. They also did some normal stuff.
  8. Killer Robots. Really.

    So, the biggest item at City Hall for now is... Killer Robots. Here is my topline summary in the BoS Preview: And my colleague Michael Barba's deeper dive:
  9. We’re here to find folks who want to talk about #publiceducation #equityineducation #thrivingkids overcoming pandemic #learningloss #parentadvocacy #educationpolitics #educationpolicy And locally/speci
  10. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Weekend.
  11. This is very cool. A new, modernized National Archives Catalog just launched. The new Catalog’s focus on scalability will allow the agency to reach its goal to get 500 million digitized pages in the Ca
  12. Just as the Sea People ushered in the Bronze Age Collapse, the Meme People have ushered in the Information Age Collapse. Enjoy.
  13. If it’s true that labor gambled on killing Prop. D, though, was it worth sacrificing two seats on the Board of Supervisors?
  14. San Francisco's Elections Commission wants to sack their Director despite a spotless record. They cited equity concerns to troll the libs. Let's point the way to the more likely whys, shall we?
  15. Ooooooooooo
  16. How does one post polls?
  17. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Weekend.

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