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Artist, Nature Photographer, Retired psychotherapist.

I’m a life long feminist who has been a social Justice activist since childhood. The Mighty Oak Tree was once a tiny nut that stood It’s ground.

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  1. It’s been months since I’ve been on post. Just wanted to wave hi to everyone.
  2. It snowed
  3. The reason for Israel to exist is to provide refuge for Jews. This is why the Law of Return says that if Hitler wanted to kill you, the Jewish state will save you. If it’s just all about blood and soi
  4. A Hanukkah Story from Mariupol, Ukraine
  5. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is truly an international hero
  6. Kids For Justice One of my friend’s 9 year old son started this organization. Please check it out.
  7. This goes out to ALL Twitter employees.
  8. Does the Major of Albuquerque care that he might have made more children sick?

    Albuquerque’s Mayor Tim Keller was at an event packed with children. While talking he let us know his children were homesick with the illnesses that are going around that many children are catching. T
  9. On the third night of Hanukkah my true love got for me — a pupachino
  10. Prince Harry calls Nazi costume he wore at 20 ‘one of biggest mistakes of my life’
  11. Surviving Hanukkah: For Adult survivors of child abuse.
  12. After watching the Jan 6 committee today, my overwhelming reaction is just how profoundly sad it is that Donald Trump was POTUS.
  13. E Jean Carroll 🤞
  14. Who else has seen the worlds largest Menorah? Happy Hanukkah!
  15. Trump raised hundreds of millions of dollars with false representations made to his online donors, lining his own pockets and putting his interests first, putting democracy and freedom at risk, for hi
  16. Just some nature to help make the day better.
  17. Just some nature to help make the day better.

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