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Retired microbiologist. Unreformed old hippy. Loves nature and novels. Just be nice: your mama is watching.

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  1. Yes
  2. Cooking for Dummies

    I’m not much of a cook, but the banana pudding recipe on the Nilla Wafer box is easy and mmm-good. Somebody sampled it before I could take its picture.
  3. For all the media hype about how expensive Thanksgiving dinner would be this year, we got a very good turkey for 49¢ a pound and will be able to make make many meals from it. A chest freezer is a good
  4. I’m making bone broth from our turkey carcass post-Thanksgiving. The family thinks bones are icky, so this is a solitary activity. I feel like I’m making witch’s brew. They’ll be glad when it becomes
  5. Hello

    Hello, Post community. Another Twitter refugee washed ashore here. I’m looking for interaction with others who recognize that we are all valuable and vulnerable humans who want to be respected and he

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