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Web/UX/UI/print/exhibit designer/manager, hubby, dog/cat guy, traveler, Cleveland/Columbus/Ohio State sports fan. Posts are my own.

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  1. “But in 2018 , Trump signed a bipartisan bill that shielded regional banks like Silicon Valley from regulatory scrutiny under the Dodd-Frank Act. Greg Becker, the bank’s chief executive, actually lobbied for this change , urging the government to raise the threshold it used for jud
  2. “How is compassion, empathy and care for racial and social justice not something to embrace?“
  3. “DeSantis uses ‘woke’ as code for everything and everyone he despises without the more overt vulgarity of Trump. It’s an insidious effort—a blunt cudgel and a vessel for hate—that aims for nothing less than separating Floridians and Americans from their history, the truth and ea
  4. It’s been said before, but if you don’t like abortion, don’t have one, if you’re not attracted to someone who is the same sex as you, don’t date them, if you don’t like drag queens, don’t go to a drag show, and if you don’t like that Target has boy clothes with rainbows on them,
  5. “Ukraine is nothing less than ground zero in the global war between democracy and fascism—between good and evil.” @gregolear
  6. #MLK #libraries #civilrights
  7. #MLK #libraries #civilrights
  8. Reminder. #BlackPost #books #BooksPost
  9. “Guns, when carried as totems through public space, make this impossible. Whether they are carted to a restaurant or a grocery store, a park or a library, they send a clear message: that a disagreemen
  10. Since I’m feeling like shit and my brain isn’t functioning, I thought I’d share some other people’s ideas and accounts I have been enjoying. Here are 12 folks I follow and posts I like – maybe you’ll f
  11. #postpets #postdogs
  12. Great, chilling thread on Twitter from @leahmillis . #Jan6 #Insurrection #Photography
  13. Isaac Asimov on How Libraries Can Radically Change Your Life (1971)
  14. #Oakland #libraries

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