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I am studying the feasibility of establishing writing centers in high schools and their effects on student writing motivation.

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  1. You HAVE to read the comments
  2. It's interesting how the people who claim to advocate for parent rights are systematically taking them away, how those claiming we need small government are weaponing it to control those who disagree with them over books and medical care, among other things.
  3. This is social efficiency theory masquerading as scholar academic at its worst. Cover up the real problems with school through forced compliance and punish those who refuse. It may work with behavior & grades in the short term, but will not improve actual learning. Instead, we sho
  4. Perhaps this should be called the miseducation of our children.
  5. The Oklahoma Council of Teachers of English is looking for submissions for the 2023 Oklahoma English Journal. We've added some interesting new categories to reflect the wide-range of genres that fall under our literacy umbrella & to begin building a more connected ELA community.
  6. If this becomes law, it will not end well for students in Oklahoma.
  7. #oklaed
  8. Do your students really understand what learning is? Have you asked them? #rethinkela
  9. Have you considered going gradelrss, but just aren't sure how? Don't miss out on our online discussion at 2 p.m. Central Saturday, January 21!
  10. Going Gradeless?

    Have you thought about #GoingGradeless , but aren't sure how that would look in your #ELA class? Listen to our interview with Deanna Lough at #reThink ELA.
  11. 2023 Word of the Year

    Our 2023 Word of the Year is INSPIRE. I want to inspire teachers to empower their students as writers and help them through this process by establishing secondary school writing centers. #rethinkela #elaok
  12. Best of 2022 at reThink ELA

    Whether you're new to #reThinkELA or you've been following us for years, we've got a few resources we created in 2022 that may prove valuable in this upcoming year. If you're an #EnglishTeacher, check
  13. Happy New Year! I can't wait to learn and grow more as an #educator and #writer this year.
  14. Your favorite #rethinkela post I wrote this year was this list of #slampoems for #highschool #ELA.
  15. Public libraries must never be operated by private organizations. #Censorship #Libraries #BookBanning
  16. I updated the article with the patterns that a colleague noticed when she and I were playing with ChatGPT late last night.
  17. Has anyone else noticed topics not working? Often, I see topic hashtags that aren't linked. And twice now, I've added topics to my favorites, but they disappear. Also, the trending topics page shows n
  18. ChatGPT in English class, for real

    Sometimes when we see new technology, English teachers tend to run around like chicken little, claiming that the sky is falling. Personally, when I see new technology, I wonder how we can use it to co
  19. Cowards fear the educated. This is what happens when religious zeal and authoritarianism are allowed to take over a country. Don’t think it couldn’t happen here in the US.

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