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Reader & fact checker. Thanks for posting something for me to consider.

San Jose, CA

Skating and sewing in San Jose. Sometimes, the dog walks me.

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  1. This elf just finished making and delivering appreciation packages to the support staff at my site. I can’t thank them enough. Two days of teaching left. Kids are awesome, but break is appreciated! Ma
  2. Fun Adventures in Silicon Valley

    This weeks #SiliconValleyAdventure took us to Sharks Ice San Jose and CU Arena for the Barracuda’s Teddy Bear toss which did not disappoint. Bears, sharks, narwhals…oh my! This town does not disappoint
  3. Mauna Loa

    To access the latest data on Mauna Loa’s volcanic activity, you can read USGS reports by selecting HVO at the attached site. The latest report has more details, but includes no downslope communities c
  4. Average Adventures in Silicon Valley

    Today’s #SiliconValleyAdventure included exploring the Baylands with more birds (and birdwatchers) than I’ve seen in a long time. I opted for the Adobe Loop—I think. Pooches on leashes walked the most
  5. Skate sharpening question

    Had a Bambi-on-ice game this week as I discovered my flat-bottom-v sharpening was anything but sharp! I think I got smoothing. I should have checked before leaving the big box hockey shop. The questio
  6. Boxed vs. Unboxed Corners

    My fellow elves in the sweatshop encouraged me to use this new template to #sew boxed corners for Xmas #crafts and reminded me to sew the side seam first so that I can line it up to the seam to avoid
  7. I’m thankful for smart people and pooches! Thanks for welcoming me in. Thanksgiving with family andCA weather really is quite lovely.

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