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Michele Kimball


Non-Profit Leader

East Coast, USA

Advocate for innovation, equity & universal access to affordable healthcare. Big fan of justice, democracy, pasta, sunny days & people who make a difference. Believer in the art of architecture, the wisdom of books & the superpowers of women.

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  1. #education #politics #humanity
  2. One more time for those in the back: Healthcare IS a human right
  3. Go, go, go! #TeamDemocracy #RightToVote
  4. Thanks to Barbara Walters there is broken glass all over the floor of journalism…
  5. A good man who ended up a hero & saved 20 lives because 10 others in warm houses denied him shelter in an historic blizzard.
  6. What is happening with Southwest Airlines is eventually what happens to any company that puts profits over people.
  7. We’re here & we’re following you @marcelias . #TeamDemocracy
  8. Fact 👇 whether you like him or not, Biden is surrounded by a kick-ass team, and together they are getting the job done:
  9. Malala Yousafzai said in a tweet Wednesday: The Taliban may lock all the classrooms and university gates in the country — but they can never lock up women's minds. They cannot stop girls from seeking k
  10. 1776 or 2022?

    Freedom on one side. A ruthless autocrat on the other. “How will this war end? What will the world look like? Will we be more free or less? Will our world be more stable or more chaotic?”
  11. A lesson learned…

    I almost never carry cash. Heading out to run errands this morning, I grabbed a few cards, my license & a rare $20 out of my purse & stuck them in my coat pocket. Running late, coming out of the groce
  12. The suspension of several of my current and former colleagues does NOT bode well for the direction of Bird Site. Don’t know why you’d pretend to like free speech when you hate it this much
  13. The end of Twitter is nigh….
  14. This meme was like a school report. It took hours, but it's important. Nazis controlled over 44,000 ghettos & concentration camps in Europe. Atrocities of the greatest magnitude occurred. Sadly, antisem
  15. LOTs of #PostTips #UserVoice Thanks for joining Post beta . Want to share feedback on your experience? Help the testers and developers by writing useful bug reports . Account, Profile, and Settings Home Fe
  16. Rejoicing right here 🎉
  17. This is awesome…and so very simple. #humanity

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