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@USAToday opinion columnist. Also in: Chicago Tribune; Guardian; Boston Globe; HuffPost; Slate; Hill etc. Former federal prosecutor.  Aspiring TV writer (I've written a pilot).  🌊 🏳️‍🌈

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  1. Every time I read the news, or social media, there are a flood of horrors from the Supreme Court, to Trump taking over the country, to the polls which support that possibility, to the rampant antisemitism disguised as legitimate protest, to a governor killing her dog and crowing
  2. I wrote this column, for @usatoday, on what it feels like to be a Jew and witness the outpouring of hatred from "liberals" toward Jews, since Hamas attacked Israel on October 7th.
  3. Given the outpouring of antisemitism, including from Ivy League institutions, I think it's a good time to repost my recent column on that topic.
  4. Hey guys, I was happy to make an appearance on the @PattiVasquezCHI show last night. My segment begins at 51 minutes. :)
  5. I've spent years railing to people to get vaccinated. I've written columns about it. Now the Florida Surgeon General is telling Floridians vaccinations are dangerous. At some point you have to largely give up and save your effort for those who want to help themselves. I've reached
  6. Harlan Crow and a few billionaires have provided Clarence Thomas with: -38 destination vacations -26 private jet flights -6 helicopter flights -Yacht voyages And we're going to let Thomas rule on Moore v. US, which could permanently shield billionaires from a wealth tax?
  7. Today is the 5-year anniversary of my younger brother's unexpected death. It is all still very raw. I wrote this, at year 3. "When you live with a tangled ball of love and anger, even if the love weighs more, it makes grieving an impossible journey."
  8. Someone, like Taylor Swift, can be a strong ally to the LGBT community without being part of the community. That's the definition of an "ally." It's destructive to assert allies are are who they support.
  9. Cancer screenings don't extend life expectancy. If you're life expectancy is 85, screenings won't increase it to 90. BUT, screenings stop premature deaths (say, at 65 rather than 85). Also, screening benefits are often considered across a population - not for a specific individual
  10. Donald Trump took almost $8 million from foreign governments while president. He did not drain the swamp, he bathed in it.
  11. Somebody ask @nikkihaley what the KKK was about...and expect a rambling answer about the freedom from government to wear any sheet you want.
  12. There should be a federal law against doxxing.
  13. The Supreme Court refused to decide Trump's immunity claim. Here's part of the reason why: The Court does not like to be viewed as a political tool (though the conservative Court is exactly that). They will not have to decide the issue unless Trump is tried and convicted, when he
  14. My latest column, on how the Hamas war has made me - an atheist - pull closer to my Jewish roots.
  15. Love it.
  16. No Labels is trying to stop Biden from getting into the White House...meaning they are helping Trump.
  17. Harvard should investigate allegations of plagiarism by its staff - and the media should call it out - but what business is it of Congress?
  18. My partner was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. He's relatively young, and in great shape. Please, if you have any symptoms, get a colonoscopy. Don't wait. Time is not on your side and early detection is the key to survival.
  19. If Trump actually thought he was immune from prosecution, he'd be rushing to get to the Supreme Court -- to avoid his upcoming trials. Instead, he's delaying. Because he knows he's not immune.
  20. I expected my latest column would elicit strong opinions on both sides, but I am surprised at how nasty people can be. I guess I should not be surprised at this point.

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