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I'm a retired consultant & author of Project Management (PM) books/videos/tools that simplify PM for newbies & PM veterans. I now write about whatever topics strike my fancy. See my articles (including links to no-strings attached, absolutely free books & training materials) here: -- or here -- I also have a wife, 2 kids, 5 grandkids & 3 great-grandkids. To keep up with them all I enjoy long daily cardio walks and strength training.

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  1. Merry Christmas 🎁 #photography #christmas
  2. My Best Articles of 2022

    I spent a lot of time researching & writing these. They're loaded with links & I'm proud of them. I hope you find them informative. Topics are wide-ranging: * Store/stream your own MP3s for a flat-fee
  3. No better investment. Support Ukraine!

    "... We spend the better part of a trillion dollars a year on security. For a tiny fraction of that, around 2%, the Ukrainians are contributing to security in Europe, Asia & all around the world. It's
  4. In Donald Trump's America we are all Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss. There must be charges brought to convict him and his fellow terrorists.
  5. I'm watching, without the talking head spin, on PBS:
  6. Defined by the Company he Keeps

    Musk & friends... No need to go to the bird site to see this screenshot shared by one of my Facebook friends. Thank you, Rep. Eric Swalwell! #RIPTwitter
  7. Agnotology!

    Agnotology... hopeful news for a misinformation - weary world. [Thank @mikeelgan for original share.]
  8. The newest research project from OpenAI is actually interesting — and already useful. Before long, AI like this will transform business communications .
  9. Anyone know how to bookmark, favorite and/or save posts on this platform? [BTW: I love all the formatting options & the headline feature!]
  10. Elon says he's lonely.

    Seriously?! Elon goes begging at Mastodon!!😁😂 I saw these posts on my @ on Mastodon. He says he's lonely...
  11. Coolest Yule log ever!

    Had a belly full of Bing Crosby and Brenda Lee Christmas music? Escape that stuff and light up this cool interfaith/non-faith virtual Yule log from the world's greatest jam band at your holiday party!
  12. If you are still on Twitter, you need to get off it immediately. Read this brief essay to understand why the new Twitter policy Elon Musk just announced today needs to be the last straw for everyone l
  13. Beautiful, thoughtful piece of writing.
  14. Just in time for your holiday rants...

    Like most writers, I sometimes write to figure out what I'm really thinking. That was the case when I wrote " Why Its Pointless To Argue About Politics Or Religion." I decided to revive it from the arc
  15. Spreading love on blank walls...

    This mural on an otherwise blank apartment building wall always makes me smile. It's located on Culver Blvd in West LA, just west of the 405 freeway. Coming home from a hard day at work, residents are
  16. What a captivating interactive from @nytimes showing where classified documents were stored at Mar-a-Lago

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