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Learned Primate

Liberal simian. Retired software engineer. I’ll do anything for sheet cake.

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  1. The House of Representatives is dead to me for two years. We should move on.
  2. 🎶How many votes must McCarthy lose, before he’s kicked to the curb? How many times will Kevin’s hopes be crushed, before we say goodbye to this twerp? The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind The a
  3. Remind me never to make Greta angry.
  4. I wish I was just “Jew-ish.” The Bar Mitzvah was murder. Although my Grandma did make her famous “eggs and onions.”
  5. First day on Post. Liked it and I don’t feel like I need a shower when I log off.
  6. Watching this Sunday Night Football NFL game is like watching two grandmas fight over half priced doilies.

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