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  1. "self-sorting into equal-ambition couples increased by about 25%between 1980 and 2018" (*) TRANSLATION: #dating started long ago to become the self-inflicted #eugenics I recently discussed here: (*) source:
  2. me, 2018: Hey #SiliconValley ,why don't you disrupt TOILETS? CNN, ~6 years later: Is it time to revolutionize the toilet?
  3. Industry observers who noted THIS YEAR that "social networks have gradually closed down their platforms" are worthless, should be fired: I've been saying it since 2013, e.g.: cc @IndianIdle
  4. Bicycles are great, but where it would REALLY matter, that is in REALLY #smartcities , scooters are MUCH better
  5. "EV shift could prevent millions of childhood asthma attacks" is a pretty misleading or at least incomplete title and narrative, isn't it? "TRANSIT shift could prevent etc.." would be more accurate, not to mention more actually, physically FEASIBLE.
  6. #1year ago... "I just started a newsletter, and it's all YOUR fault!" Thanks to my subscribers, and everybody else who read that post, and all the others that followed at about #AI #mediaLiteracy #parenting and much more
  7. So what’s this BizDevOps term about? Is it yet another buzzword or something genuinely meaningful and useful? Here’s an explainer.
  8. Standardizing RELATIONS instead of THINGS is inhuman

    We could save lots of money and live better if we tolerated much less standardization in certain things, and demanded much more standardization in others. What about... ALL the "BOXES" in our homes?
  9. Elon Musk is just a symptom

    Do replace " #ElonMusk " with " #capitalism in general" in this quote, otherwise you will miss what REALLY matters here. Musk as such is a consequence, or a particularly visible symptom, nothing more quote source:
  10. 8 months ago I wrote that giving smartphone to children should be like giving them cigarettes: Now others, including trend analists, say the same:
  11. Faster than ever: Wi-Fi 7 standard arrives by @sjvn OK. maybe #WiFi 7 networks won’t get to 5.8Gbps. but 4Gbps seems likely. Fast enough for you?
  12. Imagine a world where even every DIYSWoP (Dual Income, Yet Still #WorkingPoor ) #family has at least the peace of mind of knowing that no utility company could grab from their bank account the money that must go for groceries first… #smartCities #inequality
  13. It's NEVER "what good are humans for/after AI". It's "what good is AI for humans".

    There is really little more inhuman and more clueless than guys (yes, usually men sadly) who get humanity SO MUCH UPSIDE DOWN to ask "what humans are for" INSTEAD of "what #AI is for". Continues here: #WEFAgenda20230
  14. In the screenshot, reason N. 999999… why giving personal smartphones to kids < 13/14 yrs old is the stupidest (but also easiest to avoid!) #parenting mistake of these times, as I explained here: Screenshot source:
  15. Good to see that #Davos #WEF2024 report confirms what I wrote last week here:
  16. WRONG TITLE: #OpenAI CEO Altman says future #AI depends on energy breakthrough CORRECT TITLE: Watch OUT, don't let a bunch of tech-toddlers WASTE the energy BADLY needed to ACTUALLY SAVE society (*) on their cretin dreams of #singularity & Co. (*) yes, even with AI:
  17. What voting REALLY is, and why those who could vote but don't are losers

    PERFECT: We need to get over the idea that voting is a way for us to express our personal ideals. #Voting is one move in a chess game that never ends—one each voter plays with a hundred million other voters. You can't win on 1st move... continues here
  18. WHY #nuclearpower ... in ways and for reasons probably quite different from those of many supporters of nuclear: Please share and comment!
  19. Your pacemaker should be running #opensource software by @sjvn If you have an implanted #medical device, only its maker-'s staff, sometimes not even them, know what's really running inside it.
  20. dont fight digitization where it doesn't really matters. Instead, look for community, and create it, where it MATTERS.

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