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I really miss Molly Ivins

within the range of my ankle monitor

Over exposed and under developed Circumnavigating the Circle of Confusion, not quite out of focus

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  1. The title of this one could have been called, “What to Expect from Future Defamation Cases against Fox.” On Tuesday, just before opening arguments were scheduled in the Dominion-Fox defamation case, the parties announced that they had settled: Fox agreed to pay Dominion $787.5 mil
  2. I walked into a place I sometimes go to do some writing. It’s quiet early in the day. By afternoon, it’ll be busy and noisy with conversation. But for those first few hours, it is quiet save for whatev
  3. Ian Tyson's death made me remember how much I hate (not too strong a word) Amazon Prime Music. I asked Prime Music to play one of Tyson's albums. Prime responded (paraphrasing here) "due to recent impr
  4. Not me.
  5. The scale of his griftiness never fails to astonish
  6. just a reminder: fiddlers don't fret

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