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Lawyer | Father | Rugby Forward | Doom Head | Vinyl Consultant Bar certified specialist for IT and IP Law

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  1. Had a blast at Into The Void | Eindhoven. Totally flashed by PSYCHONAUT, Kal-El, Black Capricorn, kamchatka and The Vintage Caravan. Will be back next year.
  2. Now spinning

    Album of the Year, thy name be: 🔊Dream Unending | Song of Salvation. I‘m at a loss for words to discribe the dreamy, yet heavy Sound. Drifting through the clouds bearing the weight of the World.
  3. Now Spinning

    As the season is upon us, I‘ve no more F***s to give 🔊Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq. | Akward Encounters while walking my Dog. Outstanding singer-songwriter stuff.
  4. Now spinning

    Lake of Tears is one of the handful of bands that have significantly socialized me musically. It is therefore a special delight for me to finally call "Forever Autumn" my own on vinyl. First edition,
  5. Now Spinning

    Sea Shanties since before it was cool perfectly delivered: 🔊The Longest Johns | Smoke & Oakum. Transparent orange marbled Vinyl. #vinylcontent
  6. Vinyls from Germany, France and Norway have been shipped. Happy mail tracking to me.
  7. This is my first … wait for it… Post.

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