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Technology manager, recovering journalist. Dig music, IPAs and the Memphis Grizzlies.

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  1. Bryan Berretta and the team from Memphis Filling Station have been scouting locations for a new craft brewery in Midtown or Downtown Memphis. Read this article to learn about Bryan's vision for MFS Brewing, the team behind the effort, and how he started on the road to opening a b
  2. Low cal and local: A guide to Memphis craft beers that won’t wreck your diet
  3. Crosstown Brewing’s Forager Honey Rye Ale was brewed with honey harvested from sales manager Kevin Lane's backyard beehives.
  4. Explore this Memphis Brewery and Craft Beer Guide , which includes profiles of each brewery, an interactive map and more.
  5. Next week, homebrewers across the United States, including Memphis, will celebrate National Homebrew Day by participating in the Big Brew .
  6. In the bright, modern new concourse at Memphis International Airport, there’s a taste of the local craft beer scene awaiting visitors to the Bluff City.
  7. Music Highway collaboration

    Crosstown Brewing Co. and Nashville’s Jackalope Brewing Co. have teamed up to brew a beer for the upcoming Craft Brewer’s Conference in Nashville. The Music Highway Hazy IPA is now available in Crosstown’s Midtown taproom.

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