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Meredith Bell


Host, Grow Strong Leaders Podcast

Yorktown, Virginia

I'm co-founder and President of Grow Strong Leaders. We publish software tools and books that help people build strong relationships at work and at home. I'm the author of three books, and two of them are co-authored her latest books, Connect with Your Team: Mastering the Top 10 Communication Skills, and Peer Coaching Made Simple, with my business partner, Dr. Dennis Coates. These are how-to guides for improving communication skills and serving as a peer coach to someone else. You can get details about our books and products at

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  1. Fearless creativity through experimenting

    The new book, Experiments Never Fail, is packed with wisdom for life as well as business. I found it liberating, actually. Sometimes I’ve gotten stuck in the way I’ve been doing something, or I’ve got

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