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35 | Dad | Social media junkie, Former twitter user, Master of Custodial arts.

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  1. Been a while.
  2. It’s over.

    I shut my twitter down. Like everyone else with the exception of bots 🤖 I had a twitter that I dedicated 2 years of my life to as a way of communicating with the world and friends who encouraged me to try the platform. Twitter and poor decisions on their behalf cost me my friend
  3. has improved.
  4. Waiting for the app. Be back soon.
  5. They’re gonna jump ship before 2024.
  6. Time Travel.

    I need a clear understanding of the scene there a discrepancy? Doc demos the time by sending his dog 1 minute into the future but when he comes back his clock is 1 minute behind sync of docs
  7. Verified yet...not worth it.

    One of my goals on twitter was to become a verified user. I'm not a notable figure but to me it was worth doing what it took (even buying it) to get the blue check by my name. I did that and while it
  8. End of an era.

    Having made the choice to voluntarily suspend my twitter account on the 9th has me looking at social media in general, differently. It's becoming clear that my era of social media is coming to an end
  9. Been a busy day. Checking in. Might have a pizza night.
  10. My last tweet on twitter stated “December 9th my account will be deactivated”.
  11. Simpler times, funnier comedies.
  12. Yeah, no my tax dollars did NOT go to this. What a waste.
  13. Goodbye Twitter, Hello

    So I’ve decided to let my Twitter account continue to run until December 9th after my Twitter blue subscription runs out. I will not be tweeting from the platform until the higher ups address the issu
  14. Social media.

    I have suspended my account for the foreseeable future. I’ll have a link to my mastodon for anyone interested in following and I’m considering giving Tribel a chance for an alternative to facebook. It
  15. Twitter 🤬.

    I’ll be spending more time here in addition to my mastodon account and avoiding twitter until they address the concerns with child pornography on their platform. They say it’s not in violation of thei
  16. If you haven’t left twitter yet, please do so soon after reading this. Sickening.
  17. Question.

    What’s your opinion on other platforms trying to become the new Twitter? doesn’t feel like an alternative for twitter the way it feels like it’s own platform.
  18. Suspended.

    Looks like kanye west got his account suspended on Twitter. Tribel Social wants nothing to do with him either. He’s done some damage just by running his mouth with antisemitism and hate speech.
  19. New Hobby.

    A new hobby is born. I used to draw as a kid and it only got boring as I got older. It’s become very rare for me to pick up a pencil and make magic on paper. I’m trying my luck with unique bracelets a
  20. Tenacity.

    Word of the day for me is Tenacity. It was challenging in many ways but I persevered until the end. A day of accomplishments and good deeds.

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