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Research in Virtual Reality and Immersive Systems.

My main research area is virtual reality, understanding how and why it works with people, and applications in the area of cognitive neuroscience and psychology.

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    After a more than 2 year gap (coincident with you-know-what) I decided to add an article to my #VR blog " In the Presence of Bayesian Statistics for VR ".
  2. Are there other #VR #AR #XR researchers / practitioners / enthusiasts here?
  3. On my way to #DIGEING to attend
  4. There's an interesting conference in Paris 5-6th December, "Digital Media and Human Well-Being" organised by the EU funded DIGEING project. The conference page is
  5. Me and my avatar speaking at in Rotterdam #VR.
  6. Virtual Reality

    Hi I’m transitioning from Twitter. I usually write about virtual reality #VR immersive systems etc but I also follow international politics. Glad to be on this platform.

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