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  1. How do I find #succession Post because 🤯
  2. Rihanna is a queen. To do most things, let alone perform your monster hits at a Super Bowl, when you’re most-likely-but-not-confirmed-yet pregnant is truly a feat. Sad that this might mean no new music though 😢
  3. Update of list of news organizations & institutes on Post. New additions are blockquoted. #PostMedia National (US) Bolts - @boltsmag (local politics and criminal justice) The Conversation - @conversationus (expert oriented) Dame Magazine - @damemagazine (women-led) Fortune - @fortunemagazine
  4. Patagonia ad. So good.
  5. Did everyone go back to Twitter or are people still using Post, just lurking more (like me)? Would love suggestions of active users to follow!
  6. Decided to watch the #WorldCup final live at halftime despite all my teams being out and Argentina being up 2-0. Needless to say, I’m invested now.
  7. If you are like me and mostly used Twitter for news, this is a great resource. Hoping more publishers join soon including #LocalNews!
  8. No. When E*** told everyone to vote Republican right before the midterms.
  9. The rise in antisemitism in the United States and around the world also means a lot more coverage in the media about antisemitism. You may have noticed a common inconsistency in how the word is used i
  10. Wonderful news!!
  11. Well, my Dutch mother spoiled it for me as soon as the game ended. Oh well. Sorry to the #USA!
  12. Can only watch #WorldCup replays which has really helped reduce my screen time lately #nospoilers #HupHollandHup
  13. Accurate.
  14. Love this idea! I have never subscribed to a newsletter but can see using points for content I’m interested in.
  15. Kanye West just posted a photo of a swastika inside of the Star of David on Twitter. This is abhorrent and dangerous. Shame on anyone who has enabled and supported him on his crusade against the Jewis
  16. I still don't understand why they tweeted this in the first place.
  17. This is incredible news and such bold, amazing #climate #leadership from #philanthropy sector.
  18. DHS raises terror threat level:
  19. Twitter becoming another right-wing social media platform like Parler or Truth Social. So sad to see.

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