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Longtime journalist, currently covering retail, e-commerce, ESG and consumer spending for Modern Retail.

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  1. Lots of info to glean from this new @CFPB report on credit reporting companies. But this jumps out to me, people are tired of being shuffled through phone trees & automatic responses to their very rea
  2. Does this seem fair to you?

    Today in "How much sense do corporate regulations make, really?" OSHA has cited Amazon for failing to properly record workplace injuries & illness at six warehouses in five states. The result? $29,008
  3. A really deep & meaningful conversation to kick off the week -- love to hear how artists process heavy feeling through their work.
  4. today's story:

    Hello Post! Today at Modern Retail, I wrote about Amazon's move into the cash advance business and what it says about the state of start-up financing. #fintech #smb #retail #ecommerce

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