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  1. The real challenge, of course, is finding handcuffs small enough to keep him from pulling a Houdini in front of the cameras and declaring that his escape means that he's fully exonerated.
  2. R.I.P. Burt
  3. Also seething with envy? A certain ex-President.
  4. Now that he's stepped down from his committee assignments, Santos promised to spend more time in his office, rededicating himself to ignoring his constituents.
  5. Alfred Hitchcock Film Society currently evaluating options after bird charity is locked out of Twitter for woodcock tweet.
  6. Also promises to get to the bottom of the cancellation of "Last Man Standing" and finding out why Dennis Miller doesn't have his own prime time network TV show because "I mean, have you seen the guy?
  7. "Hissed and screamed"? When that occurs in a "megachurch", it's usually called "speaking in tongues" or "an impassioned sermon".
  8. Is it just me or does this place have a real "early days of Google+" vibe about it?

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