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New York City

Publisher of popular cocktail/tropical drink software, Cocktail Kingdom Librarian, notorious pedant, and fan of Oxford comma. He/him/hey you.

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  1. Today, there is a new John Cale record, and that makes this a better day than most.
  2. Given what I’ve heard and read over the now several decades of my life, I find it difficult to find in myself much sympathy for people who sunk their savings into unsustainably inhabitable desert prop
  3. Friday’s challenge seems to be to find out how many pairs of readers I can stick on my head at the same time.
  4. Bit sick of people being called legendary. Bit sick of people saying they’re “humbled”.
  5. “Afeela” feels like a stretch for a car brand. At least in my part of the world. For now.
  6. A picture captured in El Retiro, Madrid
  7. Problem number one for me with @Post is its insistence that my default view be “Explore” rather than “Following”. I have zero interest in exploring.
  8. To every business not playing “holiday music”, you have my fervent gratitude.
  9. (
  10. The “Major Fusion Energy Breakthrough” announcement loudly pre-announced, today, is probably not much of a breakthrough at all. However, “Major Fusion” could be spun into a superhero-ish mascot for th
  11. I am unsure at this time what problem this service can solve for me, but the un-crufty presentation is refreshing. (We’ll see how long that lasts as the missing features are added.)

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