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Fighting the Culture War as Switzerland. 🇨🇭

London, UK

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day ❤️

    Throw back to the Ex-wife and I got married on Valentine's Day while sitting in a tub full of chocolate pudding. Neither of us are Jewish but he was the cheapest option. #love #Valentinesday #nonjew
  2. Are gynaecologists in the Star Wars universe called OBi-Gyn Kenobis? #wednesdaythought #StarWars
  3. Happy Friday the 13th! Have a great day blaming your stupidity on superstition! #FridayThe13th #Friday13th #FridayFeeling
  4. #ThrowbackThursday to the halloween when me and my ex-wife's husband, Tod, went as Bert and Ernie for our house party! 🎃 #bertandernie #Halloween #todthebod

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