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  1. Supreme Court Section 3

    The lower court, the Colorado Supreme Court held: Colorado could enforce section 3 No law needed from Congress Political question did not prevent judicial review District Court was allowed to admit Congressional reports as evidence
  2. Prediction Supreme Court and 14th Amendment

    My prediction regarding the supreme court is that Justice K.B. Jackson will decide the 14th amendment does not apply to Presidential candidates. In addition to arguments made by Lawrence Lessig, my view is the Justice will decide the amendment was intended to keep trouble makers o
  3. Unanimous decision, Immunity trump

    Page 3 of decision "former President Trump has become citizen Trump, with all of the defenses of any other criminal defendant. But any executive immunity that may have protected him while he served as President no longer protects him against this prosecution."
  4. Trump dick'tater

    About the performance of Trump's lawyers before the Court of Appeal today. I would not have been surprised if near the end, they responded to the Justices: "He's not above the law? .... Come on, your making him look bad in front of his dictator buddies."
  5. Trump and Colorado. Hard to predict what will happen, however, with Justice Thomas I think he will have a question and a comment. "Is this cheque gonna clear?" "If yes, then the 14th amendment does not include the words 'will be wild' and therefore does not apply."
  6. "Megyn Kelly calls for Taylor Swift Boycott" or Modern-day unsympathetic "Horton Hear a Who".
  7. Every Impeachment Inquiry Subpoena will be too broad.

    Every subpoena issued by the impeachment inquiry is going to be too broad. There will be no mechanism to evaluate materiality or relevance. What is the crime? Without that metric, any request is over-reach. Congress does not have an unfettered right to simply issue broad subpoena
  8. Is Fund raising off a lie Wire Fraud?

    When Trump loses the Jack Smith trial in March, the next step is to bring an indictment for wire fraud to intervene in the fundraising. Giuliani, ditto.
  9. I wrote a thing: "Donald Trump is a chickenshit coward" — bawk! bawk! bawk! bawk! thanks for reading, and please sign up for my FREE newsletter to keep getting the good stuff —
  10. Trump "I demand justice" Jack Smith "Here". "What? Wait? no, Umm, ..."

    In an official statement Trump cries about Jack Smith "racing to the Supreme Court". If this case had no merit, this is the quickest way to end it, so why is Trump upset about this, unless.....
  11. Due to the ongoing deterioration of her health, Kate Cox had to leave the state of Texas to get the abortion she desperately needed. The government in her state made her choose between her health, her ability to have children and their barbaric bullshit laws. How many women can do
  12. About sums it up...
  13. DOJ petitions Supreme Court on Presidential Immunity. Expect a sputtering admonition to "not be too hasty" from Trump's legal team.
  14. Perfection.
  15. By JoJoFromJerz Let me be crystal clear here — I do not care if you get your rocks off by watching videos of sports teams mascots dry humping each other in full costume. It’s not my cup of tea, but if Gritty’s flaming orange beard all up in the furry green nether region of the Phi
  16. I wrote a thing: "this week in stupid: December 2 edition" — Space Nazi fucks it up, Jesse Watters sucks it up, and so much more. thanks for reading, and please sign onto my FREE mailing list to make sure you never miss a post —
  17. 2 weeks to Health Care says Trump or Parrot, hard to tell.

    Trump is on about replacing the Affordable Care Act, again. I thought he solved that 2 weeks ago, or was it 2 weeks before that, or 2 weeks before that.....
  18. Is it possible Trump is just going to keep on losing?

    I've been around for awhile. I am not a youngster anymore. I did my time as a professional and in 6 decades I never witnessed such determined, focused, incompetent litigation. The old adage, a broke clock is right twice a day. Trump manages to nope out of that one. Just everythin
  19. Endorse.

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