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Not brave enough yet.

Star Trek fan since I was 5; was a professional photographer and worked for the Air Force, but the extensive corruption and taking photos of bombs and tanks changed my mind... wanted to contribute something positive to the world so I became a special education teacher (still).  Love the stars and nature.  Also a computer nerd... Skyrim, Fallout, etc.  I've always had an interest in the paranormal... ghost stories, folklore, legends, ufo reports, that type of thing.

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  1. New family members... Gizmo and Cookie... rescues... The boys having a calm, rational disagreement.
  2. Super Moon over the Appalachian mountains.
  3. The Maine Coast
  4. A visitor for lunch...
  5. The early bird...
  6. Sam was very photogenic.
  7. Shall We Dance?

    Pookie and Samantha dancing. I was told by the humane society that Sam would tell me "Hello"... I thought they meant meowing at me... no, she would actually say "Hello"?!
  8. Pets in my life.

    Love animals... this was Samson (a rescue)... I have to admit I'm partial to the bigger breeds... especially German Shepherds. I never feel fear no matter the situation when he was with me. I miss him.
  9. Rainbow after a storm on the prairie.
  10. View of Mt. Rushmore from the sculptor's studio.
  11. DaddyMac

    My grandfather (DaddyMac) in 1926. He was a poor south Alabama dirt farmer who built his house (for my granny) without blueprints as well as his barns. Could fix and build just about anything.
  12. I enjoy taking photos of flowers and such. I use a piece of black velvet to isolate the flower. 3 photos
  13. Rainbow after the storm... Appalachian Mountains, NC.
  14. Ruby Falls, Chattanooga, TN.
  15. From my "28 states trip". Berry College Waterwheel, Mt. Berry, GA
  16. New site, new possibilities.

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