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San Fernando Valley, California

"My integrity does not depend on the integrity of others" MSW, ASW She/They Gen X bibliophile Pagan, progressive liberal, previously incarcerated, gender non-conforming Mental Health Matters is a real thing. "Just because I'm wired differently doesn't mean I'm broken." Being a racist isn't a mental health issue.

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  2. So knowing that his daughter didn't qualify he still sent her the ballot; however, because she voted way that he doesn't agree with, he now wants her ballot to not count and is calling it out as an is
  3. Mental Health is Hard Enough. Quit Messing with Our Meds

    This shouldn't be allowed. They are messing with peoples mental health. The people making these decisions are not doctors. It is not uncommon to be on different medications. The combination I'm on I'v

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