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  1. I mean, yeah Leon, I’ll eat nuggets or chips most opportunities but it’s a stretch on the upsell.
  2. Aaaaah markdown, that's good to see.
  3. and OpenWeb

    Huh, I didn't realise this platform was actually built on existing foundation of Basically seems to be reversing out of a commenting system -- that makes a lot of sense. Comments are a tough

    I remember back in 2008, Twitter wasn't really clicking for me -- so I threw my toys out of the pram and basically tried to break my feed by following HUNDREDS of people. That was the trigger that made
  5. yeah this is handy.
  6. The point of points

    Kind of fascinated by all this tipping business and points. The idea that you can actually send social capital with INTENT is really intriguing. More than followers, view counts or anything like that:
  7. Important point.
  8. So who are we following on here? Who's playing around with it well or hosting the most interesting discussions? @karaswisher ? I only ask because it came on my radar from you..
  9. Dynamic Island? Watch it.

    (Syndicated as a test from ) Photo by Niilo Isotalo / Unsplash The first year I don't buy a new iPhone and I managed to break my old iPhone Mini TWICE in two weeks around its launch. U
  10. The real thing that matters about Brexit

    I was planning a little piece about Brexit. Maybe I'll try it here. Basically, the most important thing about Brexit is the thing nobody seems to ever talk about: DIVISION. When you hold a vote that leav
  11. The fact that a post can host proper comment threads is REALLY nice. Love that.
  12. Ed Balls
  13. That's so interesting you can just embed a tweet though. Would be awesome to totally bleed Twitter dry. and more than one? Huh, yeah this is like a blogging platform with a feed built in. Like Tumblr for
  14. Thought about the space for starting again

    Feels so nice to have a fresh start and see where it goes. First day of school. The thing about Twitter that made is so intoxicating was the community. I wonder whether the lack of locality will make
  15. The mug my wife bought me shortly after I started Augur. The name itself is about observing patterns in nature -- so it feels like a good omen it's time for a change...
  16. The human torch was denied a bank loan.

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