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  1. Alexander Hamilton Ignored Congress's Debt Limits And It Worked Just Fine

    As we careen towards another needless debt ceiling crisis, it's worth noting that the whole concept of a debt ceiling can't be squared with the U.S. Constitution. Just ask Alexander Hamilton, who as T
  2. Interesting point about companies trying to evade noncompete bans by making employees into nominal LLC members. Two points on that: 1) It's unclear if the FTC rule applies anyway given the very limited
  3. The House Is Baroque (sorry not sorry)
  4. A People's History Of The Filibuster And Budget Reconciliation

    Originally posted in March 2021 over at Revue, but Twitter's shutting it down, so leaving it here for now. Raising the minimum wage requires just 51 votes in the Senate. But it will require 60 votes to
  5. It's amusing how arbitrary this list of sites banned on Twitter is—it's entirely personal and emotional, stuff that makes Elon upset. They weren't chosen by size, because it omits YouTube, WhatsApp, W
  6. Really interesting thoughts from Max below. I agree that the idea of having a set of parameters to tweak to adjust my algorithm is something I really like and something I hope we see more of as well a
  7. Algorithmic Choice and Cosmonaut Johnny Cash

    Twitter keeps breaking news as new management keeps breaking it, but I wanted to return to something Jack Dorsey wrote a few days ago: I’ll start with the principles I’ve come to believe based on every
  8. The Problem of Open-vs-Closed Social Media

    This: "The alternatives that have gained prominence in recent weeks do not offer the same reach, or the rich vein of dissimilarity across social and geographic lines, that were some of the best aspect
  9. ... and another social media site to figure out and repopulate my timeline. Will try to understand the flow of this one and go from there.

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