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  1. The global proliferation of smartphones has been blamed for a host of social ills, from isolation among teens to skyrocketing numbers of traffic accidents. But troops using their phones during wartime
  2. Socks and underwear to last the year 🤣
  3. Blood pudding in the house for Christmas breakfast ☃️🎄
  4. Ship Cove, Newfoundland, Canada. #postphotos #postplaces #Newfoundland
  5. Please spread awareness. This started with old family frends and the esteemed dr Irwin redlener and his wife I know all the people involved - which is why my name is on it ;)
  6. Back when we have warmer day #beach #newfoundland
  7. Aaron Rupar says he has been permanently banned by Musk on Twitter, and he has come here. Please follow him at @atrupar We need his kind of journalism now more than ever.
  8. Boy swallowed by hippo

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