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  1. New test provides biological (not observational) test for Parkinson’s and is 93% accurate. PD can be diagnosed earlier.
  2. Dianne Feinstein voted yesterday to keep the govt open

    Captured on @cspan: Dianne Feinstein's final Senate vote, at around 12:50PM yesterday, on the continuing resolution to keep the government open. Watch the upper right screen. She walks in, votes aye, and walks out. Via Sam Brodey.
  3. EVERYTHING that the House quislings do is at the command of their criminal overload.
  4. No 🍋🍋 🥤
  5. “and has ordered the cancellation of his NY business certificates and the dissolution of the T Organization.”
  6. These allegations are worth reading. #Menendez
  7. When the impoverished step up and start lining politicians’ pockets, then they will get support for the policies that matter to them. Can’t they figure out that this is how things work in America? 😡
  8. HA! the internet is FOREVER LOL
  9. 💰💰💰 plays a big role. From Lindy Li
  10. I went to Dachau a couple of weeks ago. Very somber. Quite worth experiencing. One exhibit is a timeline of the growth of the Nazi establishment. Here’s one year. “1935: Nuremberg laws institutionalizing racial discrimination. “ We must be vigilant. Humans are flawed.
  11. DIRTY AS HELL: Cassidy Hutchinson says Mark Meadows burned so many documents before leaving the White House that the then-chief of staff's wife complained about their dry-cleaning bills needed to remove the “bonfire” smell.
  12. Bears gonna bear. Washington Post Anchorage
  13. The First Ladies
  14. To Smoke House, the restaurant at Newark Airport where David Brooks had his $78 meal, you have my respect.
  15. 💯
  16. Can't wait to read about what Mark Meadows did when Cassidy Hutchinson reported to Meadows that Giuliani had groped/assaulted her. Any guesses?
  17. As a witness, Wood could be subject to cross-examination by his former attorney and co-counsel who is now representing former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark in the Georgia RICO probe – creating a potential conflict of interest.
  18. I may vomit. 🤮

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