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  1. He's guilty of so many crimes across the decades, and I'm all for holding him accountable in the two New York cases, to pay up E. Jean Carroll, convicting him after a fair trial in the espionage / documents case, and most especially for the direct and incontrovertible election fr
  2. If You Live Long Enough, Someone Will Break Your Heart

    I'm disappointed AF in South Africa and the increasingly authoritarian ANC, nearly as much as I am in Aung Song Suu Kyi and her role in the Rohingya genocide. One of the curses of later middle age, and I'm sure old age to come, is seeing one's political and activist causes of one
  3. GM Gonna be GM

    Hey, Chevy, congratulations on the Bolt! Sales this quarter are already up to 50% of all sales last year, which was a record for the model! What are you going to do with your emerging market advantage in a practical, well-performing, high-range economy vehicle, now that the $7500
  4. GOP Budget Negotiations
  5. Business 101 for Birds

    So I'm about a billion dollars short of being a billionaire (rounding to significant digits) so what do I know about business, right? But here's a fundamental query for anybody in business at any level: Who are your customers? There's a really, really simple answer: the people who
  6. Can't We All Just Get Along...without it?

    I was hoping somehow the country could unite on the obvious and bipartisan stance that Bud Light is, and always has been, terrible. Now I'm afraid my continuing to never drink it will be interpreted as a double reverse boycott. #BudLight #NotTheHillToDieOn
  7. I Was Once a Billionaire

    I Was Once a Billionaire dedicated to Margaret H. (sung roughly to the tune of "Just a Gigolo") -- I was once a billionaire Rockets flying in the air Until I saw the glare of Rapid Unscheduled Disassembleeeeeeee I had not a care My stock extraordinaire People stopped and stared Until I Micro Ma
  8. Rapid, Unscheduled Disassembly

    Fun fact: "Rapid, Unscheduled Disassembly" is also what happened to Twitter after the current owner took over. #SpaceX #DeclaringVictory #Post #Twitter #Euphemisms #BillionaireSecrets
  9. Hey Jim Jordan, are you going to investigate this?

    This is some grade A fascist garbage from DeSantis, retaliating against the Covid whistleblower who's suing the State of Florida for wrongful termination. The son in question talked smack in a group chat where one of the participants was a planted spy. Who took screenshots of eve
  10. They let the white lady stay in but got rid of the two black men. We see what you did there, Tennessee.
  11. We Just Call Balls and Strikes (wink, wink)

    GOP: we will only nominate Supreme Court justices who oppose abortion rights, are second amendment extremists, want corporations to have religious rights, and who are willing to rule Obamacare unconstitutional. Wisconsin Democrats: OK, well, we'll vote for somebody who feels the o
  12. I realize is like a breakaway sect from the Church of Elon, so a certain amount of reference to Twitter is natural, but in general I have made it a habit of scrolling right by posts here that are nothing but reposts of Tweets. What's the point of dumping it off we're ju
  13. Is everybody in porn a porn star? Are there no character actors in the genre? Celebrity cameos? Extras? It's a curious construction but I'm not willing to research this in the search bar.
  14. Wingnuts: we have to be able to have citizens have unrestricted access to assault rifles so we can resist a hypothetical tyrannical power trying to take over the country Everybody else: OK so you're good with sending weapons to Ukraine for as long as it takes to displace the tyran
  15. This feels like a perfect opportunity to say "pictures or it didn't happen"
  16. Crazy!

    Willie Nelson is turning 90 next month (April 29) and one of the craziest things about him is he wrote "Crazy", yes, that "Crazy", and couldn't sell it at first because it had "too many chords for country" music, he was told. But I find it crazy that this song, so closely associa
  17. One of the things that has to be deucedly odd about growing very old is seeing one's own kids become old people.
  18. Rat Race is the best "The Price is Right" game FIGHT ME
  19. This one is even cheekier. Three points! Article freely available on the website. The Independent has a free/login required/Premium tier model. #M icropayments #P oints #P ost
  20. More Micropayment Disincentives

    Here's another example. Reuters wants me to pay a point for this. Perfectly reasonable request for a micropayments system. But if I go over to Twitter and click through on the same post, I get through to the same article for free. Presumably Reuters is using cookies to limit the n

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