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Founder & Editor, TASTE. Author of Koreatown (Clarkson Potter, NYT Bestseller), Food IQ (Harper Wave, PW Bestseller), Koreaworld (2024) #🍣👍🏻

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  1. What If You Actually Cared About Tea?

    While I very much enjoy tea and unpacking tea flavors, I've been pretty allergic to tea content on TASTE. This changed everything, and credit to Jordan for pushing to do the story. It's both a call to arms and a beginners guide. And worth your time.
  2. Covering lots of ground with an old friend. Alison Roman on writing 3 cookbooks in 5.5 years, the TV show she made (and will hopefully find the air soon), good newsletter writing. A classic.
  3. TASTE Podcast 200: Gail Simmons

    Episode 200 of TASTE with an old friend and the absolute coolest, kindest, realest Gail Simmons. Gail has layers, and is a real editorial head when you break it down.
  4. Have you been following goodboy noah too?
  5. TASTE Podcast 184: Heems

    Himanshu Suri, rap name Heems, is a national treasure. Das Racist was a decade ahead on many things, and his Nehru Jackets LP from 2012 still bangs hard. We talk about Punjabi food at home, gardening, Tony Bourdain, dosa hunting, and we white board a future few restaurant ideas.
  6. TASTE Podcast 181: Christina Tosi

    A first met Christina like 12 years ago and she's honestly the same. Warm, hilarious, so quick, operating with the highest baking IQ. I really loved this talk about moving upstate, soon welcoming kid
  7. TASTE Podcast 179: Eli Sussman

    You've seen the Sussman memes, but do you know the Sussman? It's really, really fun to catch up with my old friend. An absolute original in the game. And we do talk about TK wearing chef's whites on t
  8. Jamie Oliver is back and we talked about many things: spice blends, Cool Britannia, the sugar tax, Jamie’s future in UK politics, and what sparks creativity for a guy who is always working on three pr
  9. Will never, ever, ever say bergamot with a straight face ever again.
  10. TASTE Podcast 175: Omsom

    This is a really smart and candid talk about how the founders of Omsom hustled their way into a meeting at Whole Foods (hello national distro) and the intense work/fun that goes into building.
  11. You can't look away
  12. Get to know Nguyen Coffee Supply a lot better
  13. A long tradition at TASTE has been publishing something meaty and cool on Jan. 1 and the tradition continues.
  14. Drip drip drip! My absolute favs. Great talk with founder Nigel Price.
  15. Really really really really enjoyed Tammie writing weekly for NY Mag this year. We talked about all of it.
  16. Vintage cookbook collecting is wild and weird
  17. A1 will never die!
  18. Mashed potatoes are a high-maintenance side, and a Pyrrhic one at that.

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