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Parent of five kids. Married. Dogfriend. Living in the countryside of Sweden. Trying to learn, sometimes I do.

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  1. A walk to the waterfall. The water in Lake Stora Le has been much higher this year than the last, so we haven't been able to walk to the waterfall by the shore. We had a look at it from higher ground. Beautiful, but a little too dangerous with the youngest kids, so we went back t
  2. All our times have come

    Went to the forest with my two youngest kids (5&8yo) and one of my dogs (the one best suited for the terrain). We found that they were cutting down the trees. This is the best forest I've ever been to regarding finding mushrooms, especially funnel chanterelle. It will never be th
  3. Tomorrow is cinnamon roll day (kanelbullens dag) in Sweden and tonight My 14yo and I baked some buns. When I was a kid my mother sometimes used almond pulp in the buns, those were delicious. Today we made ordinary ones. They look good. Soon we will try some.
  4. It's after dark now, and Disneyland is closed

    View from lake Lilla Le a few days ago. It has been some mixed weather with days warm as in the summer and some days when you have felt that there is autumn coming. The days are getting shorter, but nature is giving: cucumbers from the garden and mushrooms from the forest.
  5. We have the first warm days of the year. I did some work in the garden and then had a beer.
  6. Frost Every possible object outside has gotten covered with frosty spikes. Went out and played with a macro lens and the phone.
  7. Heavy snow

    Heavy snow today. Poor road conditions and many who work in far away places had to stay home, including me. Had a walk to the center of the village with my seven year old. He thought it was nice.
  8. tres chic Very friendly animals. But what a mess they make. We are going to build a better place for them to live in for the next winter. Having them as really small in the house, and now in the garage
  9. Shoreline Left kids in school. Had a look at the lake before my chores. Shoreline
  10. Free speech killing free speech (isn't it ironic)
  11. Ray of light

    I took this picture two days ago just as the sun was disappearing under the horizon. I was out at a job errand driving a minibus and had to stop by the water tower in Mellerud to try and get a nice pi

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