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  1. Represent, represent!
  2. The temperature dropped from 43F to 11F in 9 minutes this afternoon in Cheyenne, Wyoming. (H/T Bob Henson, Yale Climate Connections)
  3. Ride or die.
  4. USGS: 3 million people were in the radius of the 6.4 Humboldt earthquake.
  5. The Colorado River is running dry . Is there a more important topic in the western United States right now?
  6. It hasn’t fully revved up yet but climate disinformation on Twitter will be weapons grade stupid.
  7. Concentration is a superpower.
  8. 🇺🇸 🇧🇷

    I am American but lived in Brazil and speak fluent Portuguese. Learning a foreign language while living in a foreign country forever shaped my views on life, empathy, politics, etc.
  9. The Democratic Party needs to get on offense immediately to develop a new digital strategy leading up to 2024.
  10. The new failed state Twitter will be a climate denial gong show.
  11. Twitter is like a small country that has been toppled by a cynical despot.
  12. Manhattan #postplaces
  13. Opening my inbox.
  14. Wish I was here. #postplaces
  15. Cascadia #postplaces
  16. Vancouver, BC #postplaces
  17. California #postplaces
  18. My preferred calendar setting.
  19. Excursions #nowplaying
  20. This must be the place.

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