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  1. Best story of the day.
  2. The Smart Mission - now in paperback

    It was fun to receive the paperback version of The Smart Mission in the mail today. Available everywhere 10/17. #NASA #Space #knowledge #Projects #MIT Press
  3. Dogs FTW, as usual.
  4. Laurie Anderson saw it coming.
  5. A great thread by jazz writer Mark Stryker for anyone who wants to go deep on Tony Bennett today.
  6. Two heroes: USAID Administrator Samantha Power and Ukrainian bomb-sniffer Patron.
  7. “Kitsch long ago became a very precise concept in Central Europe, where it stands as the supreme aesthetic evil.” - Milan Kundera, from The Curtain
  8. Best birthday party ever.
  9. Between the World and Me and Censors

    This piece by @juddlegum struck me. When Between the World and Me came out, I bought five copies for my white, high school-aged nieces and nephews. It was a door into a world they didn't know. That's what books are for.
  10. Thank You, USPS

    I went to the post office at the very end of yesterday, and while shuffling some papers I forgot a $10 sheet of stamps on the desk. I returned first thing the next morning and asked the clerk if anyone had found this sheet. "We mailed it to you." Sure enough, it arrived in my mai
  11. Two can play at this game, Florida Man.
  12. Love the last sentence.
  13. The first track of this, “Iblis Amghar,” has been in rotation for a few days. #music #guitar
  14. Guitarist Bill Orcutt

    The #music of #guitarist Bill Orcutt is one of my more recent finds this year. His recent #NPR Tiny Desk concert was a guitar quartet unlike any you've probably heard. It's a hypnotic blend of Fender guitars and Steve Reich. He also has a new solo acoustic album, Jump On It , whi
  15. Worth reading. #mentalhealth
  16. The Surgeon General has spelled out a thoughtful and substantive plan to help address the #mentalhealth crisis in the United States.
  17. Some interesting, non-obvious findings in here.
  18. A master of understatement.
  19. “…we may be missing some fundamental information about the universe.”
  20. Hands-down the best story of the day.

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