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Matthew Kupfer


Senior Reporter, The San Francisco Standard

San Francisco

Investigative journalist. I like finding out things that others don't know. Reporting on important stories in San Francisco and beyond after a long sojourn in Ukraine and Russia. All opinions mine, unless they're also yours. (English/русский/українська)

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  1. Paging Dr. Honeyman, the tweeter who wasn't.

    Last month, Dr. Robert Honeyman lost their sister to Covid. They wrote about it on Twitter and received dozens of condolences, over 4,000 retweets, and 43,000 likes. Exactly one month later, on Dec. 12
  2. Money launderers, oligarchs and kleptocrats – rejoice!

    Legislation closing pathways for illicit money to enter the U.S. financial system did not make it into a must-pass defense spending bill in the U.S. Senate, a blow to the struggle against internationa
  3. No shortage of astounding moments in the Herschel Walker campaign.
  4. ChatGPT, write me a TV commercial instructing viewers to go f*** themselves

    Say what you will about #OpenAI's new #ChatGPT chatbot, but it's doing some innovative things with advertising. I would love to see this infomercial in real life.
  5. “Science fiction has no place in San Francisco on this day.”

    Protesters rallied this morning to oppose the city's decision to allow police to use "killer robots" in some life-or-death situations. The story was so outlandish that it catapulted the #SanFrancisco
  6. Yes, the AI has some thoughts on San Francisco...

    It's not all serious stuff at The San Francisco Standard . We also know how to have a good time — for example, asking OpenAI's newest chatbot to write a "typical #SanFrancisco news story." Turns out, t
  7. How a Mega-Rich Oligarch Linked to Putin Derailed a Bay Area Homeless Shelter

    Hi, all! New here. So I'm sharing my latest big investigation at The San Francisco Standard. A San Francisco city supervisor wanted to turn Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, an empty Catholic Church in the

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