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And they all moved away from me on the Group W bench.

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  1. Lots of #poodles . From the left: Strudel, Caramel and Popcorn (the parents), Xoe and Xak. We’re watching Xoe and Xak for a few days.
  2. Don’t forget to protect your pets’ feet. If the sand or sidewalk is too hot for your bare feet, it’s too hot for theirs.
  3. Every #NBA statistic: The team that’s winning usually wins, and the teams that’s losing usually loses.
  4. This my day. How’s yours going?
  5. What restaurants, especially fast food, have never disappointed you? For me, it’s Chick-fil-A. Never had bad food from them.
  6. DKIM Emails via Cloudflare Worker

    Found a GitHub project for a Cloudflare worker that lets you send DKIM signed email messages. It's a good solution for a static website that needs to receive a form post such as a contact form.
  7. By: Dinah Voyles Pulver, USA TODAY Global sea surface temperatures rose sharply in March and continued to rise during much of April and oceanographers and climate scientists are watching with trepidation. “There has been a striking increase in sea surface temperatures,” said Robert
  8. "Destroy All Monsters" tonight on MeTV's #Svengoolie .
  9. How to Fix Star Wars 1-3

    There's one simple thing that #Lucasfilm could have done to fix Star Wars 1-3, making them as good as the original Trilogy. Aliens should have been speaking Alien-ish, not English. In 4-6, aliens needed to be translated. In the others, they were given goofy English voices.
  10. Is there a Post app for iOS? I’m writing a free thread app for Twitter, almost done, but maybe I should be writing a Post app instead.
  11. "Elon Musk’s Twitter is both essential and broken. There is no alternative platform for people who have long used Twitter to seek help, gain visibility, and create supportive communities. Yet at the s

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