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  1. There’s no world where 6 moderate Republicans vote for Jeffries, right?
  2. Tucked away oasis in downtown San Francisco
  3. Is Trump using the trading cards as a sneaky way to fundraise?

    I’m a bit confused as to why Trump would create or endorse these NFT trading cards. How is he benefiting? According to the website’s FAQ’s, the company that made these isn’t controlled or owned by Tru
  4. Escargot escaliers
  5. Ceiling in the Musée de Cluny, Paris’s museum of medieval art.
  6. Entry for today’s I feel old files: Elf was released 19 years ago. Still love this classic.
  7. @noam @feedback Can we nominate for certain content creators to skip the waitlist line? As I see more great creators flee Twitter after the
  8. A coherent, thoughtful piece from Casey Newton about the final straw to push them over the edge to leave Twitter.
  9. Eiffel Tower, from below. A different perspective.
  10. Loving this approachable storytelling about how organizations are like slime molds. “Even when everyone is competent and collaborative, you can still get hurricane-force headwinds.” #organizationaldynamics
  11. Are there any conservatives on this dohickey?

    I’m starting to wonder if Post is just the liberal/progressive version of Truth Social. It’s clear to me as I scroll through Explore that most folks on here are left leaning or further. Lots of pro-Dem
  12. Wireless power is going to be amazing when it finally arrives.
  13. ProPublica has been doing excellent work on stillbirth.
  14. Why can’t we have multiple state primaries on the same day, and end this “who goes first” debate altogether?
  15. December 1st. Officially egg nog season. 😋
  16. Did I miss an announcement or something? Are we all supposed to post pictures of pretty places today? #postplaces Lincoln City, OR
  17. From beneath the ashes, vibrant new growth

    A visit to Big Basin Redwood State Park yesterday provided a beautiful reminder of nature’s unending ability to persevere. 95% of the park was destroyed by wildfire two years ago, including all of the
  18. [Obligatory pet post] My dog George, after stealing a leftover waffle out of the garbage can.

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