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CA native w/ a stop in Brooklyn, NY

Lake Arrowhead, CA

💕 80s, goth/alternative music & SoCal mountain living! Zooming through life @ 5x the avg speed. Bleeding liberal heart - She/Her - Website Dev & Designer & 17+ yr Ethical Vegetarian

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  1. Happy New Year, Virtual Friends!!

    Hope this New Year is wonderful for all! My family starts this year very different than the last. We were amidst a very bad winter storm in my area, that left us without electricity for 9 days between
  2. Ha Ha Ha Ha <breathe> HaHaHaHaHaHa HaHaHaHaHa <gasp> HaHaHaHaHa #TwitterMigration #JokeOfTheDay
  3. Trending Topics RULE @ Post!

    Oh wow, we have a new button leading to #TrendingTopics . Aaaaand here is the best part, the trending hashtags are actually cool things and not horrible topics like nazis, Welfare Queen, Candace Owens
  4. Sunday evening “Deep Questions”

    Just thinking about the new community here at Post, and wondering #WhatDoYouDo? Like what biz are you in, career do you have, how do you spend your days and more. Of course, I will start: I’m a #WordPress
  5. Twitter is dying, really really really dead

    It’s getting to that time to close the door on Twitter. The accounts being shut down this evening make no sense, the asshats responding “ooo, don’t like when it happens to you” are drooling all over t
  6. This is the kind of MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT I can get behind.
  7. Old gamer feeling really ancient

    Ugh! Thrilled that #DiabloIV has a release date, but bummed that they are not releasing it for Macs like #DiabloIII Damn, now I have to start shopping for a Windows computer (don’t get me started) a
  8. I finally got GOLDEN BOY and I’m thrilled. Yeah, I live for all things retro, sci-fi and totally off the wall weird and this is one of those things. He has a special place on my desk now! So there!!!
  9. My Lil’ Winter Wonderland

    Why I love living in #SoCal, 5600’ feet up that is. Snowing all morning in #LakeArrowhead #SanBernardinoMountains #MountainLiving #PostPlaces
  10. #MountainLiving This is why when they say “stay off the mountain roads” when we have a winter storm - they mean it!! Hope all stay safe out there, cause temps are in the teens- 20’s this evening!!
  11. Sunday Morning ‘Deep Thoughts”

    #Twitter is failing and it is so sad. Between the owner and his unhinged rants, these damn “Files” being posted that show absolutely nothing but the right are salivating with each new 80+ thread that
  12. This is why leaving Twitter makes sense. Toxic crap like this is so prevalent on that platform (and in our political discourse as well). ** might have to click through to see the whole conversation
  13. Okay one more cause it’s too damn funny!!
  14. #Warnock That all I am gonna say tonight. Sleep well, America.
  15. So cute - let’s all celebrate Post.mas!!
  16. Oh this can’t be good! #TwitterDemise #Twitter
  17. As a Trekkie, I approve this message!
  18. Social Icons for Post

    @feedback - Do we have a standard Post icon we should use on websites? Since I develop #WordPressWebsites , my first thought is to add it to my own right away! But, if I fi

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