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Writing about AI, and the impact marketing has on culture 

Dallas, TX

Something of a writer. Also a demon working for an ad agency. Often very critical of ad tech, and big tech. Writing seen 1-3 times in each VentureBeat, Tech Crunch, Business Insider (I feel like a grifter now).  Newsletter & podcasts:   Hire me for agency work:

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  1. If you fell a tree in the woods, but you don't tell a story on social media about how you overcame a setback to chop down a tree, did you even produce any dopamine?
  2. LinkedIn, in its benevolent algorithmic wisdom, has determined I want to see word salad viral content from groups I have never joined
  3. I'm starting to use TikTok more. If anyone wants to hear the story of Train Wreck, the Ozzy Osbourne impersonator who wanted me to help him build a bunch of adult streaming sites, here it is...
  4. Related to nothing. I like it when management consultancy home pages indicate that the company has something to do with athletic pursuits.
  5. I feel like all my lovely digital friends scattered to the four winds after Twitter was acquired by a madman.
  6. People need to cool it with the AI enhancements on real photos! I just saw a job listing posted by someone with a profile photo so AI-enhanced that I thought they were a fake profile with a GAN* profile pic. *GAN is a generative adversarial network; many scammers use GAN images to
  7. None of my opinions are economically viable. I've thought about it, and I cannot monetize anything I believe.
  8. Only mathematics professors keep a ranked order of how "nice" different triangles are in their head.
  9. My SO, the postpartum counselor, will not watch the final episode of MASH with me.
  10. Controversial opinion, only the first three Star Wars films count as original works, the others no matter how much you love them are company sanctioned FanFictions.
  11. "Hypothetically if you needed to sell 48 catalytic converters, with no questions asked where in DFW would you go?" Posting this on Nextdoor to see what happens.
  12. Did Darth Vader have a working penis? How bad was the fire damage? I say casually to George Lucas.
  13. I ask myself "what would Winston Churchill do?" and I light a cigar, insult someone and have a drink of pure ethanol.
  14. When Jimmy Buffett left us, people ate cheeseburgers and drank margaritas. Now that Steve Harwell, original Smash Mouth singer, has passed we must all participate in a youth sport.
  15. Shelter in place at Burning Man LMFAO
  16. My beef with The Little Mermaid is that they cast a human, and not a narwhal as the lead.
  17. Just living that cat life. Pushing things off of other things for no reason
  18. "Look into the mirror at your little shriveled up souls and tell me what the hell you want." - Me, trying to make my dining companions choose a restaurant.
  19. Hiding kilos of methamphetamine in all my friends homes in case we ever fall out and I need to get rid of them with a phone call isn't cheap. But I believe in investing in my future.
  20. My dog is old and going blind. But he will still look longingly at the refrigerator.

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